RA, Fibromyalgia and Lupus

Hi everyone,

I have just come back from seeing my consultant and he has stated that he believes I now have Fibromyalgia as he stated this is very common with people with RA, I thought great what else can you through at me he then stated that he also believes I have lupus due to come bloods that have come back and I have started get patched on my face which start as little blisters then turn into sore patches these do come and go so didn't really think much of it.

Has anyone else got these issues all together.

he has done more bloods and I have to go back in 2 weeks as he will have to add more medication to my list all I keep thinking is great I rattle enough without anymore.


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"SNAP" on this mix if diagnosis/ conditions


what medication do they put you on as already on about 25 tabs a day


What meds are you exactly on?


The little blisters can be linked to the Fibro as I know there are people in my Fibro group who suffer the same with blisters,

It can take time for the consultant tone able to say if you have a Fibro flare or RA flare, unless you have swelling and that isn't the Fibro and it is the RA lol, anyway I hope you fell better soon.



Hi,I have RA and Fibro but not lupus as well. My advice will be for you to research all 3 before you see your consultant and jot down any questions you might want to ask him/her.

God luck,hope you feel better soon x


Thank you all hope your all pain free x


I have just posted on this subject.


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