This heartburn medication is the go to for doctors these days, and I have been on it for several years now.

However, I now have to have an endoscopy as I am having problems swallowing. Apparently something Omeprazole causes. They, if they find what is expected, will dilate the opening to my throat.

Just thought I should inform everyone about this side effect of taking this drug

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You would hope the docs when prescribing it would be clear on the side effects thus giving the patient an option to look around for other alternatives. There are many ways to naturally protect the stomach against the effects of meds or otherwise high or low acidity. Taking daily dose of colostrum powder is one easy way. Really sorry to hear about your ordeal😕


You've mentioned colostrum a couple of times recently - and it's not something I've heard much about. Can you point me to something solid that explains & demonstrates benefits? As the idea of it I do find a bit difficult, so would be a step to consider taking it, especially as I usually only use low lactose milk. It would have to be really worth it.


There is a lot of reaserch information on the net. Google Colostrum and research. I am sure you find the info you are looking for. Here one link.

Good luck, really interesting reading😊


That's weird, I'm on same meds & have had trouble swallowing & my voice is hoarse, I too had endoscopy, I'm waiting for follow up appointment for results.


Hi- I take omeprazole twice a day. I'd like to hear if there's a safer alternative as I have a doc's appointment first thing tomorrow morning. I had an endoscopy which revealed a hiatus hernia- hence taking omeprazole twice a day. It all seems counterproductive to me?


That's odd: my experience is the opposite. I had the throat symptoms long before Omeprazole medication was prescribed following endoscopy revealed inflamed gut. I wished I'd been offered it years ago as my longstanding IBS has certainly calmed as a result.


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