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Alternative to omeprazole?


Hi all

I take omeprazole twice a day. Initially I took one in the morning to cover my stomach against all the meds. After an endoscopy, I was advised to take it twice a day because I now have a hiatus hernia. What alternatives are there which do a similar job but is less harsh on the body? I am also concerned that it has a negative effect on the B12 stored. Thanks.

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Colostrum powder has been shown to protect and heal the gut lining. There is lots of information on the net, have a look😳

Moomin8 in reply to Simba1992

Colostrum powder? Never heard of that 🙃

Simba1992 in reply to Moomin8

Do google very interesting recent research😊👍🏻

Simba1992 in reply to Moomin8

Hi Moomin,

Here is a short

I don't know of anything else you could take but I managed to give up omepraxole by cleaning up my diet and going totally gluten free. I also stopped eating chocolate - check out my name! Gave up Diet Coke and McDonalds etc. and concentrated on eggs, fish, chicken and lots of veg. I don't really have much dairy although I oike a solodge of cream on my berries and I do like real butter. I don't eat sweets, only the odd Square of really dark chocolate. I eat lots of raw unsalted nuts and seeds. I think some people take Apple cider vinegar to help. I'm sure someone else will come along with suggestions though.

I was amazed at the amount of omeprazole I was given and how easily I got it. I couldn't believe that I seemed to be given it indefinitely when the instructions inside seemed to indicate that it was for the short term. Good luck, hopefully you will find what you are looking fir.

Really? I hadn't realised it was to be used only short term. I've been on it for at Least 3 years!

Think I read something like that in the patient information leaflet that came in the pack. Like you I know several people who have taken it for years and years.

Suppose it depends on why you are taking it and whether taking it long term is better for you than not taking it at all.

I was prescribed omeprazole for hiatus hernia more than 17 years ago. It was the only thing to work for me. Periodically, I try to reduce and stop taking it but within a few days, I can feel the hiatus hernia move up into my chest and then I am unable to swallow water, let alone food. I have found nothing else that will help prevent the hiatus hernia from sliding up into my chest. Clemmie

Moomin8 in reply to Barrister

Thanks Barrister - to be honest, I didn't know I had one before the endoscopy! I had to go for the procedure as my iron was so low and they couldn't work out why.

Barrister in reply to Moomin8

No, I didn't know that I had a hiatus hernia until I had the gastroscope. I had been suffering from unexplained nausea and was unable to swallow properly. The PPI's worked amazingly well for my symptoms so I'm thankful. Clemmie

Loving the name: Fruitandnutcase 😁

Sounds like you've been very disciplined regarding your diet - well done you!

Thank you, yes, i have to say that I found an iron will and determination I didn't know I had.

It all came about because a couple of months after going GF to see if I could reduce my thyroid antibodies I was prescribed steroids for inflammatory arthritis which in turn gave me T2 Diabetes, so I had already gone GF and cut out chocolate etc then dealing with the T2 led to giving up bread and grain based foods as they were what really spiked my blood sugar so they went too.

Sorry Moomin the link was too long, so here it comes again:

Moomin8 in reply to Simba1992

An interesting read- Thanks. How does it get marketed and can one have it alongside any meds?

Simba1992 in reply to Moomin8

You can take it safely with meds, infact it decreases the adverse effects. I got my powder from amazon. Important that it is good quality. You just mix it in water and take it on an empty stomach. To increase efficacy let it stay in your mouth before swallowing. 😊

Research tell us that the amount of lactose is so small that tolerated even by those who have milk allergies. So really quite a good product😊

I don't think any other doctors than integrative functional doctors do or are even aware of its good effects. They are trained to prescribe meds.

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