Hi fellow sufferers, hope you are all enjoying the warm weather.My wife and I recently moved house,it was a bit traumatic about a 120 miles further north to my nearer our family and granddaughter.

There was lots of trips to charity shops and the recycling Center trying to get rid of 30 yrs junk.

We have just finished emptying the movers boxes and have found places for most of our stuff.

We have registered with a new surgery, I've been lucky the GP I've got his specialty is rhumatology. How lucky can I get! I've already got a hospital appointment for next month so alls looking good.

I managed to keep out of the way most of the time ,we were very lucky with the help from our sons, and we had the removal company do most of the packing.

Now we are near a city I hope to be able to swim a few times a week as it was a 40 mile round trip previously also there are nice flat walks along the river ( I also plan on getting a dog)

Well that's my update , so you'll understand why I haven't posted for a while.

Regards to you all Mike.

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What an adventure!

Things sound really positive for you. Wishing you all the best going forward.


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Sounds like you made the right move.. Your description of everything serves as one of happiness.. Its nice to know that changes sometimes do become a happy ending..good luck in your new home..& happy swimming.x🏊


It's good to hear positive plans which take into account what we can and can't do. It is so easy just to bemoan the difficulties, but this gives a real positive vibe!

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That sounds great. I hope you will settle quickly and be very happy in your new home. Xx


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