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One for the equestrians

I've had RA now for 2years I'm 25, and I have always had horses in my life and have never stopped riding even though some days can be harder than others. Recently I have been having a lot of pain in my right leg starting in the foot, toes swelling and stiff, ankle pain and swelling around my knee. Even if I take naproxen I find no difference, My job involves sitting at a desk all day which doesn't help but I have noticed now when I put on my riding boots I can't zip the right one up and the stitching is starting to rip. I only bought them 4or 5months ago and they were measured to fit. The left fits fine, they are the Tredstep Donatello field boots. It's so annoying as they were quite expensive and I haven't had much use out of them. Does anyone have any recommendations for long boots? I don't want to go with short boots and chaps but might be only option ☹️

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Always get unexplained lower limb swelling investigated. See your Rheumy & see if you can get a scan!


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