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trying for a family!!

hi everyone,i was diagnosed with RA 9 months ago. unfortunately im 27 years old and have gone from active, hard working young adult too feeling like a old man in the 80's hobbling around and going to work being unable to do my job (catering manager) to the level i used too... i was put on sulphasalazine and after 3 months this seemed to be helping slightly when taking nuproxen during bad days. But being a newlywed me and my wife (who is amazing btw and cant be more understanding) have being trying to start a family and with no luck we found out that the sulphasalazine had affected my fertility dramatically, i am currently waiting to see my consultant to discuss different treatment plans, but after a little research seems like there is very little that can be done as most treatments cannot be used if trying for a baby, does anybody have any ideas of drugs they may be ablr to prescribe me??

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Hi I don't know the answer sorry as only just diagnosed myself (and already had our kids) but wanted to send you good wishes. I relate to what you say as feel I've gone from active hard working young(ish) woman to looking like my granny hobbling along and able to do much less. Hang in there, have you called NRAS helpline as they would know where to find the answers on this drug question? Must be a fairly common one. Good luck

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