Abdominal Inflammation

Hi All. I am 2 years with RA and 1 year on MTX. For the last 7 months I have experienced random localised spots of abdominal inflammation that last for approx 4 days. These repeat at about 3 weekly intervals. Despite extensive gastro and RA investigations they have not been identified/diagnosed. Can anyone else relate to this type of discomfort? Many thanks

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  • Hi, I had episodes of abdominal pain a few years ago which turned out to be neither RD or medication related which I think is our first thought when other parts of the body play up. In my case after a couple of spells in hospital due to severe pain, a CT scan, cameras down and up they eventually performed a laproscopy (camera into abdomen). Mine turned out to be adhesions which they believe formed after my C-section for my youngest 9 years previous. Hope you can get some answers soon as it is frustrating and worrying not knowing. Farm

  • I can understand your own experiences and I am already considering that my attacks may not be RA related. As you rightly point out these undiagnosed pains can be be so frustrating and worrying. Not helped by their continued and frequent repetition.

  • Hiya Smidge1. Not related to RD but I've had endometriosis all my adult life which causes deep abdominal pain, depending on severity & where it's migrated to. It can occur at any time though the pain is normally around the time of your period &, with me anyway, when ovulation would occur. Has this ever been suggested? PM me if you would like further pointers or experience.

  • Given my previous history this is highly unlikely but I appreciate your suggestion.

  • No problem. I hope you get to the bottom of it.

  • Could you be intolerant to wheat/gluten?

  • Thanks for the suggestion which I will look into. I had not considered this form of intolerance.

  • Hi Could it be the MTX that is causing it, I had something very similar which started after I had been on MTX for a few months we didn't make the connection it was only when it stopped when we withdrew the mtx, that we realised that this was the probable cause although at the time Mtx was stopped for a different reason, I hope you get it sorted soon


  • Yes I've had a pain in my upper abdomen for ages that comes and goes - very intense for about five day stretches and then disappears for three or four weeks as you describe. It doesn't make me sick or give me bowel problems but it makes me very gassy/ belchy and is terribly uncomfortable. So far I've only been given a scan about 18 months ago and because it comes and goes I haven't pushed for an endoscopy as I always mean to. The doctor thought it was probably gastritis - which I think is a pretty broad term for GERD in my case but I'm just guessing.

    I do also have gallstones but they are big and it's not on my right hand side specifically - more under my bottom ribs and all around. I'm broadly gluten free and eat pretty healthily and exercise as much as I'm able to so I don't think it's diet related for me although I keep an open mind. I'm not on any RA drugs either anymore as I'm very drug intolerent - but I have been diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy which is progressing and I have wondered about Sjogren's and autonomic neuropathy as it did seem to get better when I was taking Amitriptyline and came back when I stopped this drug due to heart palpitations. It also only arrived after I stopped taking MTX several times. In fact I'm fairly sure it is part of my neurological/ rheumatic problems rather than digestion related, and in my case I believe it is closely linked to my autoimmune/ inflammatory issues.

    Ranitidine taken as an when required sometimes helps and the odd Omaprazole but these seem to give me an awful taste now too so I don't take any of them regularly. It has calmed down since I started Duloxetine - also for the nerve pain - but this might just be the usual monthly lull!

  • I had frequent bowel action and a sore crampy gut while on MTX. As I also had enormous mouth ulcers, the suspicion was that other parts of my gut were also affected.

  • Hi ya,

    i had a very similar thing, but i used to have upset stomachs with the pain. Then three episodes of horrendous pain that woke me up in tge night, unable to move.... on a par with end stage labour pain. As u can imagine, id had enough so took myself of MTX altogether and it completely resolved within 2 weeks.

    unfortunately the RA symptoms came back after 3 months, but now I'm on injection MTX and my abdo pains haven't returned.

    hope u get to the bottom of it soon

    wish you well and a painfree Christmas x

  • Hello

    Many years ago I was having problems with NSID and pain medications, they proved it was effecting the lining of my tummy. This stopped after they modified my medications.

    Unable to say the same thing for you it is just a thought

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