Did some reading on what may cause my high alt

Did some research and how quick my alt went from 30 to 140 than me having gallstones. I grist I thought it was my lupus causing my high alt than was trying to figure out what was something new or different I did when I first moved overseas. Finallyyyyyy I got it and did some reading I realized only new and different thing I did was switch birth control pills to Yasmin reading about it and how it can affect a women. Yasmin pills can cause high alt and also gallstones. I'm going to stop taking them and get my blood tested again let's see if I figured it out.

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  • But find a more suitable contraceptive quickly! You might be better with an implant or hormone containing IUD like Mirena - much less likely to interfere with your other medication and control of your RD. Talk to your contraceptive supplier - a clinic may be more clued up than GPs in my experience.

  • Hi old timer yeah that's my plan might get an iud

  • Nice work - Fingers crossed

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