Bumpy ride ahead

I have had problems following my taking MTX. It is giving me asthma problems and headaches.

I contacted my Rheummy team and am now to stop taking MTX. The Rheummy is sending me for a hand scan.

I am on 7.5 steroids, I can't put them up as it will mask my hands and so I anticipate a bit of a bumpy ride ahead.

All I can take is codeine or Tramadol so I think I may take up residence in Wacky Land.

Let's hope that we get the scan through soon.


5 Replies

  • Feeling your bumpy ride x

  • Hoping you get the scan soon, are you off the mtx just for now, if not, what do they plan to give you instead. X

  • No idea. I suppose that they will cross that hurdle when we get there. I only hope that I get back to Rheummy before my next scheduled appointment in July!!


  • Goodness Jacqui, that's a while off yet. Sending you hugs X

  • sympathy n hugs 4u. i was taken off mtx thru lung damage but they are back to90% ok now by singing n swimming. now on sulfa only - touch wood am ok-ish just sourmouth maybe sinus as ears blocked by wax n waiting for hearing aids .. x

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