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Psoriatic Arthritis


Just found this App.

I have psoriatic arthritis but note that the heading for this group is RA!

Can't find one for PA so can anyone point me in that direction.

I have had Sulfasalizine, Naproxen, Methotrexate but now am on Benepali after negative reactions to the other meds.

So far the Benepali has been very helpful indeed.

Is there another group for PA or is it ok to join this one?

Thanks folks

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Welcome to the group. RA &PSA share a lot of similar symptoms and medications. Sometimes people who have been diagnosed with RA get rediagnosed with PSA.

There is a PSA group called beyond psoriasis.


Many thanks Suzanne


Join away James! It's one big lovely melting pot of inflammatory symptoms here!

Joking aside PSA and RA have a lot of similarities and some drugs are applicable to both diseases.

I have Sero negative RA for example and I'm on Benepali too.

Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Hope you arent suffering too much currently?


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I have PSA and joined this group as it's seems to cover all inflammatory bits. Glad to hear benpali is helping, I'm on stelara having failed all other biologics, hoping for Costentyx if this one fails. I was diagnosed way way back in 2002 so have been through most things. Welcome😀

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