It has been a crazy winter for Vancouver. We have had repeated snow falls. We have not had snow for eight years. There is usually one but it melts the same day. We are now in a rainy period again. It makes me feel terrible. From most of the literature, RD is not affected by climate. Is this true? I want to know from people with RD or Fibromialgia. Also feeling down today. Need to find a funny film or book. Any favourites?🌂☂️🌨

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  • I don't notice the weather having a direct effect other than general mood lightening when it's pleasant. As far as funny books, it's very very English, but a bit of Jeeves and Wooster always raises a smile.

  • I find the weather does effect my RD. Most of the winter I have suffered with pain fatigue and nausea. When it's raining and damp it's worse.

  • I don't find the weather affects my RD at all on the pain front, but having been in the sun for the last couple of weeks it certainly affects my mood.

    To open the curtains to a beautiful sunrise.....even with aches & pains i just want to get up & get on with things......whereas the usual dreary winter skies & temperature in UK makes scurry back to bed!

    Let's hope we all get a lovely Spring & a hot Summer!

  • There is a study going on at present to see if they is actually any link between the weather conditions and the severity of arthritis symptoms. Personally, my symptoms go up and down without any consideration of the fact that it is a beautiful day and I would like to go for a walk or do some gardening, or that it is pouring with rain and I feel depressed because I can't see the hills.

  • Hi there,

    The study that Oldtimer mentioned here is based in the UK and run by one of the northern universities. They use an app. called Cloudy with a chance of Pain. If you fill out the app each day with your pain and fatigue details and give them access to your location, they can check the weather where you are at the time.

    They produce very helpful graphs for each individual using the app and mine indicates that my greatest times of pain happen when the biometric pressure is changing - so from a High to a Low or the other way round. This happens a lot on the UK as we have prevailing westerly winds which bring in weather fronts across the Atlantic sea with great frequency. It's particularly bad when the stream of winds in the upper atmosphere (sorry, forgot its name) is directly above us and everything speeds up.

    It will be a useful study when it is completed quite soon.

    I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis with some possibility of RA.

    So, I don't know who wrote that our pain is not affected by weather..... I think they got it wrong - or they don't live in the UK!



  • I am affected by weather. Not sure which condition is affected but ultimately irrelavent. If it works who cares why. My goal is to move to a warm, dry climate.

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Pain:

  • I also have a long history with migraines. They are definitely affected by change in pressure. They are my downfall. I can handle everything but severe migraines. They just take me out. I cannot lift my head without vomiting , they are brutal. I would jump for joy if they could manage that part. This morning the weather went from sun to rain to snow , all within a half hour lol now sun is out again. I feel as unbalanced as our weather these days. I fear my doctors appointment may have been a bad idea. It seems I picked up a virus while there. My chest and trachea are congested. So should have cancelled it after all . My Rheumy scheduled it because of Actemra. I have Diverticulosis. This can cause perforations in intestines. A previous patient had this experience so she is very cautious. Although I appreciate the effort, I will not subject myself to an unnecessary scope. Sedation always leaves me with migraines. I now know why. I have a double mutation in MTHFR gene. This leads to higher homocysteine levels which leads to migraines.

    He then suggested no sedation. Not a chance. I said no thank you. I have no intention of trying this drug now anyway. I have been trough nine drugs without success. In addition I have suffered trough endless side effects, some quite disfiguring. I am taking a long break from drugs. I am giving my body a chance to fight . So far so good. Until the inflammation flares again I choose to try natural remedies only. I stress again, this is because of drug allergies nothing else. I know these drugs have worked miracles for many of you.

  • Defending Your Life:






    The Trouble with Harry:



  • Thank you, they are hilarious

  • I can not believe the snow here in Vancouver. I was caught in blizzard like conditions last night driving home....and there is more to come. Yuk. I can not remember the last time it snowed in March.

    I usually start to prep my garden for plants in March...this weather needs to get back to normal.

  • I know what you mean. It is like a conspiracy to ensure I do not forget how bad this can feel lol. I am certain there are other underlying conditions not yet brought to light. I am just very tired of non stop testing and specialists. Not that I do not appreciate the effort.

    I want my CI insurance so I guess until that happens I have little choice but to comply. I see Rheumy, GP and Hematologist this month. After that I want a break. Then we can continue. What is funny is the constant changes. In thirty minutes we got sun, rain and snow!! 🌦❄️ Hard to imagine we will have San Franscisco's climate. Global warming ?

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