I get so upset and angry when I read what some poor people have to go through to get to there assessment. It is so wrong that when people are really ill and have to go through that sort off torture to get what they are entitled to and the devastating after-effects it could have on them. I do wonder how the government would feel if people took really ill on the way to the assessment and had to be rushed to hospital or even worse on a very extreme case died.

The people who are employed by the government to assess us from what I read they just report lie after lie. I feel there should be somewhere to report these people. ( maybe there is )

I always think too myself how would they feel if it was one of there loved ones???????

I am really so upset and very disappointed at what others can do to others. END OF RANT


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  • It would be really useful if everyone who has a bad time would write it down and tell their MP.

    I know that not all of them would listen, but there are good MPs out there who would fight for us.

  • I just wonder why, when there are so many documented & proven cases, how assessors who don't understand the case they are assessing, are allowed to keep their jobs?

    Seems like a case of who you know, not what you know !

  • Hi oldtimer I totally agree with you. I truly feel that very poorly people should not have to go through such a stressful time. We can only hope that this will stop or at least change and for them to be more understanding and sympathetic towards people. Jan

  • I agree with you

    I had my assessment last week

    I'm not very hopeful but plan to appeal


  • Hi Matilda_1922 I truly hope that it was not to stressful for you. Also I hope that you get what is rightfully yours. I wish you all the best of luck. Keep as well as you can my friend. Jan101 xxxx

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