Back to the drawing board 😩

It's back to the drawing board for me again. Came off Orencia as it didn't work and made me feel ill. Rheumy put me back on Cimzia but I came out in hives all over my body after the 1st loading dose. He thinks I probably reacted to it when I took it the first time. I did have rosacea and hot flushes which I put down to menopause but looking back these did stop when I came off Cimzia.

I don't see Rheumy until May but I'm o managing to stave off a flare with only 5mg prednisolone. I know the half life for Cimzia is approx 14 days so it's definitely out of my system. I'll increase prednisolone if need to but I really don't want to as I've been on it for 4 years with no break. I'm going to try Golden Paste capsules to see if they help. Has anyone tried them?


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  • I'm sorry it failed you. Hopefully the next one you try will be the one for you. Is there any chance you can get your appointment brought forward? Seems a long time to wait.

  • Hi helixhelix, I rang the RA nurse when I got hives and she told me to stop Cimzia. She did say it was a long time to wait and would speak to my rheumatologist when he comes back from his skiing holiday. That was 4 weeks ago, I think I'll give her another ring. I know the department is struggling as they're short staffed so think appointments are few and far between.

  • No reason why you can't be the one to get one of these appointments even if they are scarce..... Little children know very well that pester power works, so get pestering.

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