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Ultrasound US examination / injection


Hello, I am new to this site having been diagnosed with RA last year. Please could you help shed some light to the following. The consultant has booked me in for an Ultrasound injection for my right wrist (as I have a lump there due to the RA - think it is to do with inflammed lining). The consultant has retired and the op date has come through, but I don't know what it refers to... do you know whether the injection / ES examination is to do with drainage or pain relief..

thanks for your advice!


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Steroid injections are sometimes done with the help of US to find the right spot. Perhaps this is what it is about.😊

SusyC in reply to Simba1992

Thank you Simba

Usually an ultrasound guided injection will be to inject a steroid into a specific area. I've had them into my shoulder and hip. The first one into my shoulder only helped a small amount but the second one was absolutely amazing! Hopefully it will help. Clemmie

We must have writing at the same time!

SusyC in reply to Barrister

Thank you Barrister

SusyC in reply to Barrister

Thanks Clemmie

hi SusyC,

it could be an ultrasound guided injection for delivery of steroids. Steroid injections are often used to treat people with RA to help with pain and inflammation control. Steroid injections into the joints are quite common.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Thank you Beverley. Much appreciated. Are these injections safe? Any side effects please? Doctor has said to rest the hand for 2 days..

Many thanks for the clarification


Yes, they safe and in my experience (of one) effective: 90% relief for about 10 weeks.

There is some impairment of glucose tolerance, so if you suffer from thrush you may get a flare up, as I did. They are not good for diabetics. That said, I think just one will do more good than harm. You can only have about four anyway.

Also, be careful if you drink alcohol. The cortisone will increase the effect of alcohol. I was completely blotto the following evening ( a Saturday) after a couple of glasses of wine and have no recollection of the evening or getting home.

If the cortisone travels to a nerve, you may find your hand or fingers frozen for around the next 12 hours. Do not be alarmed. This happened to me. On the way home from the hospital, my hand and arm got more and more frozen. I rang the hospital in consternation and spoke to the consultant radiologist who had not come across this before. I then decided to wait until the morning as I detected a minimal movement. I woke up at 3 am and the stiffening effect had worn off - apparently, the middle of the night is a low point for cortisone levels. I rang the hospital on the following Monday to let them know. It was quite alarming but don't worry if it happens as it will wear off - it is only because the cortisone went on to a main nerve.

The first one I had gave minimal relief however the second one gave me complete relief for about 6 womderful weeks. The doctor who did the second one said that he would be surprised if I didn't get at least some relief from the pain as the area was so inflammed but that it could take up to 2 weeks for the most relief. However, by the next morning, when I woke up, I had no pain in my shoulder at all. I really wasn't expecting much from it after the first one so that's why I've raved so much about how good it was, lol. Clemmie


I had a US guided steroid injection into a joint near my right thumb back in 2015. It went well. No pain just pressure when the needle is inserted. 48 hours later I was 90% better.

A couple of weeks prior to that I had a steroid jab into my right wrist by the Rheumatologist. He was able to do that one himself in Clinic as it's a big joint. All pain and swelling went very quickly indeed. This one was 100% successful. And once again no pain on inserting the needle as he gave me some anesthetic first.

I was told to rest the hand for a couple of days after each jab.

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