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Fibromyalgia and nausea and pain

I am so tired. Matthew ended up in hospital with a gall stone the size of a peach pit, he's home now but they're going to set him up for surgery. I was stupid and shoveled some snow before I knew I'd be walking to and from the hospital tonight. Hands and shoulders hurt most but my last CRP was normal (I'm having a small parade) and then I got the fibro diagnosis. My last disease activity assessment came back good, but I'm still really freaking sore. It seems utterly unfair for my RA to be controlled but between fibro and old erosions, I still feel like crap.

I volunteer with the local branch of Canadian Mental Health Association, as a peer mentor. I feel like a fraud. How can I be a mentor when I feel so fragile? Still, I keep having a life despite being fragile, it's only that it has been such a long day.

I guess I don't have to ask if 3 in the morning is normal, but I'm frustrated and angry at my body. I have medical cannabis, and I'm going to vaporize a little of it, but I need to be up in 5 hours, and I need to function. So is it normal for my shoulders to feel like they're locked in the socket? Is it normal to feel nauseous after eating a banana? I feel like a collection of illnesses held together with blue hair dye. *grumble*mutter*cuss*


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Darling i take turmeric capsules and i have to say they help my pain,the pain hasn't gone away,but it is so much more manageable. Hugs darling blue hair lady.xxxxx

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A mental health peer mentor who has been on the ropes brings a whole lot more to the table than someone who hasn't 'been there and got the badge' - just be extra careful to look after you in this mix!

Aches and pains etc - I've just enjoyed my monthly massage which helps counter the neck and shoulder aches I get as a side issue from my blepharospasm- I so love these medical conditions which just keep on giving!😎

I hope Matthew is doing ok - don't be letting him beg any of your medical grade cannabis now!

Take care of yourselves



Bless you. If it wasn't for bad luck you'd have none at all would you?

I hope all goes well for Matthew and the cannabis works it's charms for you. Having coped with suffering must make you a better mentor, surely? Until you have coped with horrible life events how can you help others do the same with any sort of genuineness.

Bananas are now off the menu for me as I'm getting excruciating indigestion, reckon I got about 2 hours sleep last night and I love the blue hair, you really rock it. Cuss away, sweetheart it might help.

Big hugs



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