Little update

Little update

So I have been a little quiet lately although I have been following posts and responding. I have been busy working which takes pretty much all my energy at the moment, damn fatigue s a killer and also have had ruptured disc again and yesterday back to hospital as I have pericarditis again. It seems being off all RA meds is having it's toll. The cardiologist at the hospital are putting it down to my RA. I so hope I can go on something if I get to see the rheumy again as I can't keep up this level of fatigue and keep getting heart issues grrr. Hopefully they haven't written off all treatment altogether and there is some sort of something that will help.

I have been doing some paintings to stop from going crazy though at least I can still do that.

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  • Sounds like you're having a really rough time at the moment. I hope things soon improve.

    I am very envious, not if all your health issues, but of your ability to draw and paint. There are two things I have always wanted to do - draw and sing! It's too late now because my hands are riddled with RA and OA, and my vocal cords have been damaged by the cough and chest infections I've had over the last five years! Still, there are many people much worse than me, and I manage to do a little cross stitch or embroidery every day.

  • Thanks Helenlw7, now I am envious of you. I love embroidery but can't do that any more as I can't hold the needles. Painting and drawing you can get grips that help with holding the brushes and pencils etc. So much easier to do.

    I guess I will just plod along from one episode to the next it seems to be what is the norm these days. Just very hard to work full time and keep on top of things.

  • I agree with the plodding along from one thing to another. I am very lucky, although I didn't think so at the time! I had to retire a year earlier than I intended to - my job was very stressful (teacher) and that exacerbated my health issues. The health issues haven't improved at all, but not having the work issues have made my life much easier on a day to day basis.

  • Yes one day I may be able to retire but not for years yet. Mind you I may be forced out in the end due to time I have to take off because of all the stupid things that keep going wrong with me. Haha

  • Quite envious of your ability to do cross stitch. Never could 'coz it makes my eyes cross. It's all those parallel lines - aaargh


  • I don't do it for very long each day, but it is my way of relaxing. Despite the aching joints I cannot sit and do nothing, so do quite a few different hobbies to fill the time taken by the preparation and marking of my teaching job!

  • I know what you mean. Although I work full time I need something on the weekends to do as I get bored just lying around. I have no energy for anything much else apart from basic housework and food shopping. I have such a riveting life hahahah

  • I have always hated housework, and find things like vacuuming, mopping and sweeping painful on my back, so I invested in two lightweight cordless vacuums and clean as and when. I leave my ironing board up in a bedroom and iron little and often, and on bad weeks my OH does the shopping. My main exercise is swimming which I do two or three times a week, and the rest of the time I fill with the hobbies I didn't have time for when I was working!

  • No time for anything when you are working and I am so tired on the weekend I just fall over. I have a niece that comes to clean occasionally when I can pin her down, which is great and I don;t mind paying her. I am considering ordering my groceries on line and then I only have to get the fruit & veg and meat.

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