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Update to short story long

Well after 17 days of pain & stiffness, I woke up yesterday and it had all gone. My leg still feels week, but I'm walking without a limp. GP phoned me back and was really "off". He was incandescent that A&E wouldn't do bloods, thinks that the blood levels will come back normal (which they will if it's psoriatic arthritis) and said to go back if a month's physio doesn't help and he will refer me to the orthopaedic team (I had a hip arthroscopy, labral tear repair a year ago on the same leg). Spoke to the rheum reg at work today and he said it sounded like psoriatic arthritis as did the physio and the A&E doctor. Think his professional pride is damaged, how can I persuade him to send me to the rheumatology team, or do I go along with his orthopaedic referral and let them tell him he's wrong? How hard can it be to get a diagnosis???

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I'm very lucky in having a fantastic Rheumy but my GPs ......never see the same one twice....all say something different so I say which Consultant I want to see, & if they don't agree I get the Rheumy to refer me.

Can you ask for a second opinion from a different Consultant Rheumy?

After all it's your body...not a Lab want it sorted not argued over.

I think GP's are touchy as their "Speciality" is not regarded to be as glamorous as a hospital doctors! That is very unfortunate as not many keen young doctors intend to go into General Practice...& where will we be then?

Hope it all turns out well Middlewife!


Hello Middlewife, have you talked to the NRAS helpdesk? I'd call them if I were faced with the problems you have. I'm fairly confident that they can at least give you some good advice. I wish you good luck and keep us posted. Hugs.


Back again. Got discharged from physio monday, gradually increased to walking 4 miles and using exercise bike with no resistance. Physio said I could build in some resistance so did a little bit yesterday morning, started limping, leg swelling up, saw different GP who has finally referred me for an MRI and thinks its a torn meniscus, so will "jump" through the next hurdle. Back to the sofa, boss unimpressed when I said I wouldn't be up to normal duties on Tuesday. She thinks I want a long weekend, sigh


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