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Hi all, I'm a first time poster and found this community after being recently diagnosed with what my doctor thought was RA. However, after more blood work- not so sure. Blood tests came back "equivocal" for Lupus and but could possibly be other autoimmune diseases as well. RA symptoms are the most prevalent so I'm being treated with hydroxychloroquine for now. Any advice for a newby or anyone with a similar situation? I'm only 22, so kind of freaking out as to what this means long term and scared because I'm so young.

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Hi and welcome.

Has your doctor referred you to a rheumatologist?

Also NRAS has leaflets that you can download regarding this disease, you may find them helpful. They also have a helpline.

I hope that you get answers.



I'm being treated by a Rheumatologist. Forgot to put that in the post! I didn't realize there were downloadable leaflets, thanks!


That is a good first step...hydroxy seems to be taken by many on this site & if after a while it doesn't seem to be getting a grip on your symptoms he/she will either stop that & start you on something different , or he may just add something else.

Until you have worked up a good rapport with your Rheumy, I'd go along with his advice. But if you honestly don't think it is helping you, think about it, write it down, then when you next see him/her explain how you feel . if you are lucky, like me, he will listen & take a different route.

But if after say a couple of months you are feeling really rubbish always say you want off what is making you feel so bad. I know I tolerated some drugs for far too long before I said No More!

Let's hope the hydroxyl soon kicks in.


It is a shock to be confronted with a diagnosis of RA, especially at 22.If you are being treated by your GP you must ask for a referral to a Consultant Rheumatologist. It can be a long wait as RC's are in short supply so get on the waiting list as soon as possible.

If you do have RA, at your age the sooner you are treated by a specialist the better your chances of getting on the right path so that you can go on to have the best life style possible.

If you think your GP may be reluctant, can you take a friend, or your Mum to your appointment.....two people might hasten things along.

Good Luck...let's hope you get the right treatment very soon.


I'm being treated by a Rheumatologist. Forgot to put that in the post!


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