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First do no harm????

Sorry need to sound off, have had a so called professional being very nasty on the phone to me.

I was diagnosed with RA at the beginning of April and have started treatment with the BRI, which is a hospital a bus or car journey away. At first I was a bit disapointed as I live a short walk from Southmead Hospital. However, the team at the BRI have been really kind and good to me. After looking at a poster in their waiting room I decided to look into getting a referral to Southmead Hospital for hydrotherapy. I asked my GP to do this referral which she did.

This afternoon I spoke a woman from Southmead Hospital re hydroptherapy and cannot believe how rude she was. She demanded to know why I was wanting a referral with them when I'm with the BRI. I tried to explain but she cut me dead and kept interpting, telling me I had to go to BRI. She stated that my GP should have made the original referral lre my RA to Souhtmead if I want hydrotherapy and all in all was nasty.

At the end of the day (and I'm sure many of yourselves would feel similar). I didn't ask to have RA and am trying to make the best of things and access the appropriate treatment and people like her don't help.

Thanks for listening friends. xx

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Hey I think you're all as well being with the BRI hospital a bus ride away Traceyanne. This Southmead hospital sounds dire if they can even employ someone that nasty! TTx


Tracyanne, you want to report that woman, she doesn't have to be so nasty. You pay her wages at the end of the day.

Its hard enough to live with ra without some jobsworth speaking to you like your an idiot. Contact her manager and complain.

Don't you take any notice of the silly woman and have another go and if you get again tell her off.



That is bad.. you could complain. you have the right to use what ever services you need and I suspect BRI doesnt have a hydrotherapy pool? x


Ditto to all the above comments. What a horrid woman, she should be ashamed of herself. x


Tracey Anne you should write a letter of complaint I was deeply upset by a consultant last year ( He looked at my gps letter to him then turned to me and said your gp says you are depressed you dont look depressed to me)

I went home and stewed I was so hurt and angry However once I had put pen to paper and complained I felt so much better These people only learn their manner is disgraceful when its pointed out to them and hopefully the next patient will get better treatment So go girl write that letter


Thanks for your replies. I have written a letter of complaint which I will send tomorrow and hopefully they will take that woman to task. Some people are so insensitive and shouldn't be in that sort of job if they don't know how to deal with people properly.

Nite xx


Hi Tracey anne, that is really bad and the clerk should be at the minimum retrained. I have just had the same thing, as my area hospital doesnt have acupuncture or hydrotherapy I got refered to another hospital, no problems no cheeky woman phone calls and the treatment has been great.

You can complain by telephone to the PALS group of the hospital, the patient advisory and liason service and follow it up with a letter , they will investigate the telephone call. I would make sure you put dat and time of the call, whether it was to a male or female and what department they were from, and their name if you have it.

If you get no luck there complain to the department head involved or the hospital chief exec, but normally PALS are helpful. Dont just be palmed off though, ask what the follow up will be, and good luck Axx


It's shocking! The very fact that there was a poster in the waiting room at the BRI advertising the hydro pool at the other hospital would indicate to me that the patients at the BRI are elgible to use it. Don't let that women put you off going there. Good luck. Wendy x


Hi Traceyanne

How horrible, I hope you got the person name? - Make a formal complaint in writing. The hospital will have to investigate and get back to you.

Sci x


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