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How long for Cimizia to kick in?

Morning peeps 😎

I have finished my 3 loading doses of Cimzia and was wondering how long should I expect to wait to feel the benefit of this? All of my joints are still sore...🤔 Also, the day after the injections I feel really low and totally useless at work 😕Hoping this settles when I only have one injection biweekly from this week.

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Hi Moomin , I have the same reaction the next day and the day after that. It does settle a little when you reduce to the maintentance dose.

Everyone reacts differently but i noticed an improvement quite quickly. It might be worth giving your rheumy nurse a ring to see what they advise.

Take Care



Hello Moomin, you have to be patient. Every person is different. For me CIMZIA was a god sent. Bear with it and make sure you pace yourself. The more you look after yourself the more CIMZIA can help you. All the very best.


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