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Panic Attacks!!

Good evening everyone, for the last 3 nights I have woken up in what I think is a Panic Attack, I have woke in the early hours gasping for my breath, sweating, dizzy and sickness! The first night I was terrified, I thought I was having a heart attack, I'm now anxious to go to sleep incase it happens again. Does anyone know if it's linked to RA - I was diagnosed in March this year, thanks in advance ( The Night Owl )

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I am not sure if it's linked to RA, have tried to speak to a doctor about this? Why not give the new NHS number a call 111 and see what they say.

In the past I have had something similar to this, it turned out to be related to a painkiller that disagreed with me. Only the medical profession would be able to decide if this is what is happening to you.

Sorry not to be anymore helpful, just hope you get a good nights sleep. xx


Hi there I have similar things happen to me and its when I'm asleep. I wake up the same as you describe it. I had a blood test for hormone in balance and mine was fine. I suffer adrenaline rushes and more so when my body's exhausted I get theses bad. Sometimes like you say your frighten to go sleep. I'm not sure if it's a mixture of ra ? medication ? but I would be interested too ? They are scary. Strange how our body's react. I spoke to my r a nurse and she told me when I was on a high does of methotrexate tablets they can bring on hot flushes. So they change my medication and now I'm on 10mg injections. I'm not as bad but I still suffer a few. Take care let me know if you find out big hugs prairie :-) x


Methotrexate gives me terrible hot flushes and has done from day one.

I'm on injections too 25mg I had the flushes with the tablets too but at least I'm not sick for days after the injection anymore


Hi,ive had similar things to this,thou when i wake up my heart is pumping like mad aswell,i hate travelling now and going away from my comfort zone of home.currently visiting gp regularly and he as upped my blood pressure tablets,im convinced my problem is with the leflunomide or painkillers im taking.

all the best



With you mentioning the sickness too are you sure it's a panick attack?

It's just I get a smiler problem due to my hieatus hernia I wake up feeling sick, but the worst feeling is that I can't breathe really gasping for breath and in turn makes me dizzy, faint and sweaty, the first time it happened to me I was convinced I was having a heart attack too, and my doctor was called the next morning, I was sent straight to hospital for heart tests but my doctor had said he thought it was my HH and it was, acid was coming up from my stomach while I was fast asleep burning my throat leaving it difficult to breath, making me feel sick forum the acid etc and due to leaving me gasping for breath it really did panick me and leave me in a state, it still happens but very rarely but every time it does it scares the hell out off me cause k can't get my breath ans sometimes I wake being physically sick it scares the hell out off me and my partner.

Whatever yours is it needs checking out, I would phone NHS direct have a chat with them for advise whether you should wait till Tuesday to see your GP or if this needs urgently checking out, I would say the latter for peace off mind.

Take care. Xx


Hello :) I get panic attacks as well. Mainly when I start worrying about the drugs and side effects and then I start noticing every tiny change in my pulse or breathing and get really panicky :S In hopsital I had to take lorazepam against my panic attacks because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go into the MRI machine as I've had a small allergic reation to the contrast solution they inject and I freaked out completely.

So very sorry to hear you're having similar problems :( It's a distressing thing to have to deal with!!

Lots of love and sending you calming thoughts,

Christine xxx


I hope this doesn't come into the category of "teaching grandmothers to suck eggs" but...

It's worth learning the technique of "better breathing" whatever the cause of the attack. I find this very useful in all sorts of circumstances and use it at night when I wake sweating and breathing rapidly.(Not sure whether that's the RA, panic or reflux)

I put one hand on my abdomen, just above the tummy button, and one hand on my upper chest. I breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. The breath out is slow and steady like trying to make a candle flicker. The upper chest moves only a little and the abdomen rises as I breath in.

Many of us breathe too shallowly, using only the upper chest. It can take some time practicing to get the hang of breathing differently, but once learnt it is then invaluable - and can be used in any stressful situation too.


I think this is a good point Oldtimer. I sing as a hobby and we do lots of breathing exercises. I also do tai chi and find that the two have taught to breath more fully. However like Julie I think I probably have a hiatus hernia and lately have bed waking in the night with heart racing.

I used to wake with a dry cough which at times would just go on and on. more recently I would just lie there with heart racing, finding a lump in my throat and an awful taste, thinking "this is just panic because of tummy pain - breath deeply" and it seems to have settled down again now thank goodness. I would tell the doctor just in case its something more serious but try not to worry too much - this will just make it worse. Tilda x


Thank you all for replying and for your advice, I'm not sure about a hernia as I don't have any tummy problems, thankfully I didn't have one last night but I've had one today along with a couple of dizzy spells :/ I've left a msg for my Rheumy nurse to ring me back xx it's certainly a bumpy ride so far x


I had similar to thsoe above. It was found to be low blood sugar at night and since then I have eaten a slice of bread and honey before bed and managaed to avoid any more of them since 1982. Do check but thsi is hard in the middle of teh night. I was taken into hospital from 7pm to morning to find the cause.


Hi I have panic attacks and don't worry from what you described it sounds like one but definetly go see your doctor to rule enything eles out but hope you get better soon x


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