Pain in the neck

I've had a pain in my arm for a few months now. Had physo no change. Had a MRI scan a few weeks ago & found out that I've got a few discs out in my neck that are pressing on the nerves. The only way to discribe the pain is sciatica in my arm.

Went to the hospital last week & was given 3 choices more physo which will not work a epidural injection or surgery.

I'm going fo the injection even though I hate needles.

Has anyone had this & what was the outcome. Will have to have surgery if no luck.

Having problems at work with the amount if time I've had to have iff due to not being able to use my arm.

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i hope they have not been cracking your neck at phisio before doing an mri thats crazey not doing that first could have ruined you for life.

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Hi Minka

I had 5 sessions that concertrated on my shoulder then a change of physo who would not touch me until i had a scan. When I explained to him what was happening he said it sounded like my neck. GP was still convinced that it was shoulder but hsad to press for MRI.

One of the GPs I saw for the results has the same problem so he knew what I was going through. Signed me off work for 6 weeks & started me on Gabapentin. What a releaf pain eased a bit.

Just waiting for a date for injection. Not looking forward to that though.

Hope your not too bad with this cold weather.



I had injection into back of the neck it has helped a lot.Not sure how long it will last but it was worth getting.I was worried about some of the side affects with the operation hope you get sorted soon x


I'm waiting for my GP to get the appointment.

Apparently the hospital sends a fax to my GP who has to apply gor the injection at another hospitsl near where I live.

Gone are the days when everything was done at the time.

Just hope its not too long as tha Gabapentin aren't working too long now especially in work & I don't want to increase the dose as I have trouble keeping awake. Don't think they would like me falling asleep at a till in a supermarket.


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