Dilema !

Morning everyone.

I have an appointment with my lovely Nurse next week. Problem is I have an appointment next month at a new hospital and new Consultant.

Not sure what I should tell my Nurse. I think I am going to change, but obviously need to make sure the new team will accept me and it is right.

I have had problems with vomiting recently, well since Nov. I rang the helpline to ask if it was MTX. On 25mg inj. Made 3 calls and no reply. Anway it got bad so had to see G.p. Got to go for a C,t scan to rule out gall bladder problems. He also reduced my mtx to 20mg even though the hospital issue and prescribe.

Obviously I am going to have to tell her this. Also on sulpha and hydroxy, I do not want them to start changing meds with the move.

Last visit she was concerned about my toe nails, showed a Dr and he was not interested. So I am losing trust.

Should I cancel my appointment or go and not mention gastro problems and just say everything is fine. ( It really is far from it ). Also I really like my Rheumy Nurse she has been more helpful than the Reg I see.

Thanks Moomie

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  • ....I'd go and see your lovely nurse, take a thank-you card (with a message about how lovely and supportive she's been to you) and explain your reason for changing- be honest. Ask her to ensure that the change goes smoothly and tell her your worries about that 😇

  • Thanks that's what I want to do. I am stressing at seeing a new team and thinking what if they don't accept me. Then I am stuck with these Drs. I don't want her to mention it to the Dr yet.

    Thanks Moomin hope your anti tnfs are kicking in. X

  • You're welcome 🙂As for Cimizia - it's early days yet, thanks for asking☺One thing I will say: I must remember to do the injections in the fattest part of my body- my belly! Otherwise it kills lol😆

  • I would have no trouble with fatty bits. Although pleased to say lost 6lbs over Christmas. Xx

  • I would say well done you...but as you've had a period of vomiting recently. ..not sure lol 😊

  • Thanks :). Told G.p no gastroscopy under any circumstances. I remember your experience. X

  • I wouldn't say no to that- just make sure they sedate you for the experience lol x

  • Sedation and a bottle of wine at least lol x

  • Sounds like a plan 😆x

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