What are your symptoms?

So I tested positive on the anti ccp test and was diagnosed with RA. I have some slight stiffness in my little finger. I have fluid on the knee, swollen hands and swollen elbows. But I feel slightly fake. As I am in pain all the time. I am not worse or indeed stiffer in a morning. It is the same all day. No real stiffness just pain. The pain however I can only describe as feeling like extreme hot aches especially in my toes. It is driving me to despair.

It's not the kind of symptoms I read about when I look up RA or are am asked by the consultants.

Does anyone have it like this?

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  • I can make a fist at times, but my hands are stiff all the time. My feet and ankles ache and yes I get burning pains down my fingers and in my feet too

  • If you look at a little oak tree seedling a couple of inches tall, and then look at a huge ancient oak tree it's hard to take in that they're the same thing. But they are. RA is a bit the same, in that you can start off with something that looks and feels very different from what you end up with as it grows and changes as it evolves.

    There's not one thing that defines this disease but lots of little things and you don't have to have all of them to start with anyway, and certainly much better if you never experience some of them! I only started getting morning stiffness 5 years after I was diagnosed, when all the other symptoms were well controlled. How weird is that?

  • Such a good analogy !

  • A lot of us who regularly contribute to forums may have been diagnosed a little late in the day and hence experience more problems. Getting diagnosed and treated before you get the full whammy is nothing to be ashamed of, it's something to be grateful for. I'd say "Well Done!"

  • You're not a fake. I think you are very lucky to be diagnosed at the start of this dang disease. The earlier you get your meds, the better the prognosis.

    I remeber having a nice warming feeling in my elbows and wrists while I worked as my co workers complained of the cold tempurature of our warehouse. I wasn't cold, I was comfy. Within a couple of months, the warm comfy feeling turned to a hot burning fire in my feet.

    You are not a fake, let the meds put your hot ashes out before they "burst" into a roaring fire.


  • Yes me. I've haven't had the stiffness you read about and felt/hoped that my diagnosis was wrong and it would all just go away. They ask at every appointment how long my morning stiffness lasts! And every time I tell them I've never had that. My pain/ swelling was in my big joints, not my hands or feet. So again seemd different to what I read. 3 years in now, still no stiffness but then my condition is controlled now with a biologic drug. As people have said, everyone is different and experiences this differently.

    Good luck with your treatment, hope you get it controlled quickly and effectively.

  • If every one had ALL the symptoms we post here....they wouldn't still be standing!!!

    We all seem to be allocated a few symptoms to start with, then when we've sorted those......along come another lot to upset what we thought we'd got sorted in the first place!

    If you see what I mean?

  • I made the mistake of actually looking at my toes today. Shocked to find them swollen and deformed looking. Apparently nearly every joint is swollen right down to my collar bone. I just don't get stiffness.

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