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OH Referral

I have my work placed OH assessment on Monday. I have only been recently diagnosed so I am not really sure what to say... I have only recently been diagnosed with RA and I am still on my initial course of steroids as well as the MTX. I am far more mobile that before the medication but I don't really know what is down to the steroids and what is down to the MTX. Or whether the MTX will be as effective on it's own I think at this stage with a fluctuation disability / disease, I want to ensure my travel time is kept to a minimum and my work hours are kept to a reasonable start time. I am a Detective Sergeant in the Met Police but I am sort of at a computer for most of the time anyway... Any advice with what to say to the OH advisor on Monday would be appreciated x

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Just as a suggestion,when I was first having issues at work,I had the OH dr and my GP actually agree on the reduced hours I should be working,inclusive if 5-10 min breaks every 30 mins or so so that I couldn't seize up whilst at my desk,and they also suggested that on the days I travelled into work,that my travelling time should be incorporated into my actual working hours for the day - just until things had settled down a bit more and then they'd reassess it on a regular basis,usually fortnightly- monthly,depending on how both I and HR/my bosses were feeling about things at the time.

Hope this helps

Nicki x

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I would ask for a desk assessment. I got an ergonomic mouse, keyboard and a great chair. You could ask for flexi working, so if you're having a bad day, you can work from home - if this is possible in your organisation. I know someone with RA who changed her hours so she started later as it took her so long to get started.

Perhaps write some notes; ways in which your working life has changed since RA. That will help prompt you.

Good luck.


There is quite a lot of info aimed at employers and employees on the NRAS website, including on using computers, so take a look there if you haven't already. Good luck.

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Dear robdoe307,

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis - you will find lots of support from others with RA on here.

The section on our website that Hilary mentions below is here: and there is lots of information on there. In particular, we have two publications which may be helpful, one for the employee and one for the employer which your OH adviser might find helpful. You can download them from our publications section or give us a call on 01628 823524 if you would like to order them by post.

I do hope the meeting on Monday goes well but do not hesitate to give us a call. We have a free phone Helpline 0800 298 7650 if you need to discuss anything at all.

Kind regards


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