Occupational health review

I had my occupational health review today. All done by phone, didn't have to go anywhere. When I saw the name, I thought I knew it and it turned out that I had met him before on the Life Bus that my employer has driven round every now and again.

We chatted and then about 3 hours later, the report came through. He has recommended that I start back on reduced hours for 3 or 4 weeks. With a driving accessment and a buddy for the first day back.

All to the good. Let's hope that it goes through okay.


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Sounds promising JacquiThomas999 and a step in the right direction.

Fingers crossed for you that all goes successfully.




Good news hope things work out ok xxx


That's such a positive and promising result - let's hope things move forward in the way you need,although please be careful with the return to work plan - my OH advised that so many people think you can go back full time after just a couple of weeks of reduced hours,when infact it should be your body that dictates as and when you return to full time,and as long as your medical support are 100% behind you in the form of 'fit to work' notes and they state the recommended reduced hours,then things should stay positive for you.

Good luck,and here's hoping things keep moving positively for you xx


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