Bad Start to the new year

Wow what a start to the new year... Virus, Chest infection, Injection for torn hamstring on Fri and op to replace my Broken replacement knuckles in next couple of weeks. I know biologics are good but they can make us ill too with infections, this is my 3 since July and I have them for weeks, any tips to try and stay germ free apart from the obvious. Many Thanks

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It's hard to avoid this time of year, but notice you say 3rd since July. I have in the past, noticed I get a couple of colds fairly close together and they take forever to go and then nothing for a couple of years. I find Vick very good at night, plus hot water, lemon and honey as a drink as often as needed. Plus a good diet rich in veg and Vit C and if possible keep rested and this time of year warm. Sorry to hear of you needing you replacement knuckles replaced, I had new knuckles about 10 years ago and fortunately still ok, notice my fingers drifting a bit more though. Things often come at once and drag us down. Take good care of yourself and good luck with the op. X

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