A fantastic 2017

Let 2017 for you be

Adorable as a 🐼

Busy as a 🐝

Cool as a 🐱

Dainty like a 🐞

Exciting as a 🐛

Friendly like a 🐳

Graceful as a 🕊

Huggable like a 🐇

Interesting like an 🐙

Jovial like a 🐨

Keen as a 🐵

Lively like a 🐠

Matchless like a 🐯

Nimble as a 🐺

Organised as a🐌

Playful as a 🐶

Reliable like a 🐄

Sprightly as a 🐔

Tranquil as a 🐏

Unique like the🦄

Wise as an 🐘

Young as a🐣

Zippy as a 🐬

Have a fantastic New Year !!!! 😀

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Yes, I'm all of those! Have a fantastic new year too.


Happy New Year to you too! Love the creativity, thank you 😄


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