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Change To Meds

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Hi all,

New here, but great to have somewhere to talk about something a lot of people can't usually relate to.

I have been on methotrexate injections (20mg) for about 5 years and recently started taking sulfasalazine (500mg) again.

I stopped taking MTX due to very slight nausea symptoms, but just taking sulfasalazine alone has made my flare ups x10 worse (would never get flare ups on MTX)

It has been about 3 months of not taking MTX and I wanted to ask if it was safe to return on the 20mg dose or would I have to build up slowly again?

Really appreciate any help and sorry for the long paragraph!


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I had a 2 1/2 month break, and just restarted at same dose. You could contact your rheumatology nurse to check.

thank you for your help! :) I will call them later to check

Were your symptoms worsened or any new symptoms due to the break?

Your doctors should advise you, but I would have thought an extra advantage of building up slowly is that with the Sulpha you may find you don't need as much MTX and can settle on a lower dose. Also are you pills or injections? As. Amy people find that injections don't cause as much nausea.

That's great thank you for your help! I think that would be a definite advantage and will talk to them about a lower dose :) I am on injections, I did have a lot more nausea with the pills, but MTX just comes hand in hand with weird/uncomfortable symptoms I suppose 😩

Once again thank you for your help! :)

Sorry to be unhelpful, but the only person who can advise on your drug dosage is your rheumatologist. Have a word with your Rheumy nurse who will check with the doctor.It may be you need a different drug altogether.

Hope you get it sorted.

That's okay any reply is always helpful! :) I think I will need to speak to them, as like you said it may just not be right for me to be on MTX, I've been on MTX for years and didn't know of any other drugs tbh.

Thank you! Hope your well too :)

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