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Happy New year everyone I saw a post about some new medication trial called rheamu no side effects does anyone know anything about it also we are 2017 where are the medical field getting with something to help us tbat suffer ra we seem to have to try so many medications I have suffered phscologicaly and physically due to fear of side effects and refusing medications I also have osteoporosis and stomach issues due to medication I am presently in a wheelchair but I need to be positive and have hope for 2017 that I will walk properly again I dont know if some of the medica field read these post but. If so this is 2017 we should not be suffering something has to be out there to. Help us I did mention I will be looking into ldn

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  • You've mentioned this repeatedly ? I think it's great if you've identified something that will help you and would encourage you to maybe discuss further with your gp or rhuemetologist. Best of luck

    For the future and have a good new year when it arrives.

  • Hi Rocky07. I think you are talking about the phase 2 trial of Rheumavax. The University of Queensland is doing this trial. I know Queensland is a big area _( I have family living there) , but are you anywhere near the University? You may be eligable to go into an upcoming trial for this vaccine. Wouldn't that be interesting? Here is a link to the phase 1 trial. Very promising indeed :)


  • Just read the link. Thx, Sue that made very interesting reading, wouldn't it be great just to have a jab, that was simple and safe. Still a long way off. I think I often thought this would burn itself out when you got older, although my RA is controlled with my cocktail of drugs and diet, it's everything that pops up, whether it's the RA or the meds, who knows. X

  • Happy New Year Rocky! Hope it is better than 2016, as we always hope every year is better :-)

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