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I have been ill all over Christmas recovering from a chest infection. Just before Christmas I developed a rash across my face and am awaiting test results but my specialist nurse mentioned she thought it could be Lupus. I'm really worried as I've been taken off all my medication for the last three weeks. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Did not worry until you get definitive diagnosis. - a blood test for ANA I think it is , is needed plus the Rheumy seeing you face to face.

Ring up and ask to see Rheumy . I had drug induced lupus once which went after I stopped the drug xx

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Yes definitely heed allanah's advice - definitely see your rheumatologist for a Dx to confirm or at least get you closer to a diagnosis. Please do not stress and worry (I know it's easier said than done). Information is definitely key to alleviate fear. All that being said I can share a few things about my experience with lupus.

I have several autoimmune issues including Lupus, GCA and RA and so many of them share the same symptoms. It can be quite difficult to separate one from another but it's important to do so because just treating symptoms can be a never ending nightmare. Lupus is often referred to as the "great imitator" because it's symptoms mimic so many other illnesses. They can come and go and can change all together. It's a bit of a process to diagnosis it. Drug induced Lupus will usually disappear within a couple of weeks after removing the offending drug. As far as systemic lupus goes there's no one single test or way to diagnosis it because you can have a positive result one day and negative the next. Test results that suggest Lupus can be seen in perfectly healthy people or can be due to other illness. In my case it wasn't until I had a full blown flare that landed me in the hospital. It attacked my body on so many levels and the pancreatitis that occurred because of it was excruciating. This was about seven years after it was first suggested I might have it. I have bounced back since then and have not had a flare as bad as that once since. I'm definitely no expert but that's roughy what I know.

I hope and pray you are doing better very soon. xx


I still struggling with drug induced Severe Rash from Sulfasalazine 3 months later. Dont worry until you get blood results. They tested me for Lupus and I was worried but it was drug induced rash. X


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