Back spasms and ankylosing spondylitis?

Does anyone know if you are more likely to have back spasms when you have AS? Had the worst spasm yesterday, lost consciousness for a few minutes, couldn't move when I came round, and ended up having to be taken to A&E by ambulance. My husband was out so my kids witnessed my fall and managed to get help from neighbours. Poor wee things were a bit traumatised by the whole thing. Sent home later that night with Diazepam and Oromorph to add to my cocktail of drugs. Not sure if this is linked to my AS or if it's just been a really horrible coincidence. Does anyone know? Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery, feels as though I've taken a huge step backwards. So frustrated.

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  • Yes my daughter gets spasms of pain in her back that have rendered her fall and pass out. I myself have had a flare and got the same spasms so strong that it makes you crumple. My daughter has diazepamas well hope you are better now

  • I have the same condition and the spasms take turns as to which side gets it! It goes as quickly as it comes Diazepam is the medicine of choice.

  • Diazepam certainly seems to be helping. Hoping it sorts itself soon. Thank you.

  • I have had back spasm that caused ribs to pop out , v v painful. I had acupuncture which really helped. I hope it settles try and get lots of rest x

  • Had wondered about acupuncture. Will ask my physio about it next time I see her.

  • I have AS and RA and frequently experience spasms in my lower back and neck. They're very painful but usually right themselves. That must've been a terrifying experience for you- things like this can really knock your confidence. I truly hope you're feeling a wee bit better now.

  • Have never lost consciousness before or had a trip in an ambulance, 2 experiences I would rather not have ever again. Was quite embarrassed about the whole thing. Feel most sorry for my kids as they got such a big fright. The won't leave me on my own for a second as they're so scared it's going to happen again. Not a nice experience for anyone.

  • Gosh I have that too and 6 herniated disks along with my arthritis and when my spine hurts, it puts me down

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