Hi all. As you probably remember, i was diagnosed with ra in august, and started 500 mg sulfasalasine daily, increasing by 500 mg daily each week to maximum of 4x500mg tablets daily in september. I was also prescribed a steroid injection and, as that gave no relief a 3 week course of prednisone tablets, that also gave no relief. I had to stop taking sulfasalasine after my blood test 5 weeks ago because of an abnormal liver function result, however after being off sulfasalasine for 2 weeks my next result was normal, so 3 weeks ago, i was re started on it at 4x500 tablets daily. I am still awaiting some relief from the pain and inflammation. Neither the steroids nor the sulfa have had an impact on it. I see the rheumatologist next friday, and wondered if she is likely to change my meds? Add another dmard into the cocktail? Or is it too early at this stage to assess the effectiveness of sulfa? I just want to try to prepare myself, because i think if she cant offer anything else that might ease the pain, i will probably burst into tears. Any advice would be appreciated.

Happy new year to you all.


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  • Hi there.

    If you are still in pain and the inflammation is high, it would seem reasonable to expect a change in meds. Sulfasalazine di nothing for me, in fact it made me worse. Steroid depot only worked for a couple of weeks. My drugs were changed to leflunomide about five weeks ago. I'm still waiting for them to work.

    Unfortunately these drugs take a long time to work, and sometimes the side effects are just too awful. It's trial and error to find the right one, but when that happens it's a blessed relief ( I understand!) haven't got there yet!!

    Don't give up hope, there's plenty more drugs to try if the sulfasalazine doesn't kick in.

  • Hi- in my humble opinion another dmard might be added...I started on mtx then had sulfasalazine added- now on cimzia too. I'm sure something will start to kick in soon- hang in there x

  • Moomin

    Do you feel better on those three?

  • Feeling a little better each day....slow but sure 😊

  • Oh you poor poor soul, it's utterly soul destroying waiting for months for meds to work, then they don't! I also feel a little angry on your behalf because the rheumy should not have left you in the dark with the regard to your treatment......there are plenty of other options left which may work really well for you....but it is not good that they Left you thinking you may not have any other options........

    I was on Enbrel for years and when it stopped working I felt utterly hopeless.... No one had ever told me that there were other options....

    Stay on this site.....lots of AMAZING advice( not from myself, but others I have found!!!!) it's just trial and error and I am sure something will help soon...,

  • sulfasalazine lije all meds rakes a while to start working on the write up with it I think mine said about ten weeks I've been on it for nearly sux years had no side effects felt well until I had huge stressfull year which brought on a huge RA flare up again I start methotrexate next Tuesday am still in 4x500 gram sulfasalazine daily

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