Sacro-iliac.joint strain

Hi all have not written for a while.since my mum passed away was going through a bad time.still am .its my first christmas without her.last time i wrote i was on mtx was wonderfull for my pain but effected. My lungs liver and blood.and started making me sick. I.m on szz now have been foe 7 months 6 aday.but its not coping with my pain.told to take more pain killers. Recently i have had the worst pain i have ever had in my hip and groin.doc is sending me for exray next week and says its the sacro - iliac joint and apparently people with r/a get it alot.anyone had this .merry christmas and hufs to you all .kathy xx


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  • It's so sad to lose a loved one and it makes it so tough for people at Xmas trying to smile for others. I lost my mum 6 years ago and the first three were bad always reliving her last days.It made me feel like a little girl again and an orphan.

    I hope you have your family and friends who can pull you through this.Remember her with all the happy times you had together as no one can ever take those from you.

  • Thank you for your kind words

  • Christmas is always a difficult time when you've lost someone close, I know from experience.

  • Ooops, pressed Enter to early. I had / have groin and back-leg pain that appeared to be scaro based, but I didn't believe the GP and it got better after I got myself a daily exercise regime to strengthen my core and leg muscles. I hope you find something to relieve the pain soon. Have a good xmas.

  • Thank you so much

  • I am so sorry for your loss.. This is hard for several people on my list this year.

    Yep - The SI joint is pretty common as near as I can tell... Sucks huh? I hope you start to feel better soon and Christmas is not too painful

  • Hi keeta, im sorry for your loss, Christmas is always a difficult time as there are so many memories associated with this time of year. I have had sacroiliac joint problems in the past and it is very painful. I eventually had a steroid injection guided by x-ray and it really helped. I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  • Thank you so much for your reply .how long did it last .does it come back x

  • Happy Christmas, i had injection 3 years ago and apart from odd twinge that pain hasnt troubled since xx

  • Thamk you for your reply .x

  • I really sympathize with you as my brother died in August so this also my 1st Christmas without him.We were very close and would take turns to phone every Sunday. Unfortunately i am the last member of my generation left now so feels more final. Lets hope you get the correct balance of meds to help have as normal life as possible. I wish you well xxxx

  • Thank you so much .my heart goes out to you .big hug x

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