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Can having a stinking cold cause a flare?

Good morning everyone. I've had a lovely couple Of weeks where the increased MTX and slightly increased pred seemed to be really working but the last couple of days I've been increasingly feeling poorly with a sore throat and last night properly crap!

This morning I woke up stiff and in pain again. Now of course I am back in that mindset of "it's all gone to hell again and you're going to be really ill again like you were during October and November"

So I'm clutching at straws and after hopefully a little reassurance: could this be to do with the cold and if so will I go back to "better" once the cold goes!?!?

Look forward to hearing from you



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I think it could be connected Bon. It stands to reason if you're run down then it will allow the disease to have a good go & it presents itself as a mini flare. I say mini because whilst you probably feel like death warmed up you can attribute some of that to feeling really rough with the cold so not a major flare.

If you have a thermometer keep an eye on your temp & dose accordingly with paracetamol, that's if you don't take any form of para in your regular meds. I hope you're soon on the better end of it & you feel more like yourself for Christmas. x


Yes I think so. I believe that when inflammatory chemicals get released into the blood stream, it can trigger inflammation in your joints where the inflammatory cascade is primed and ready to be set off. No scientific evidence as far as I'm aware but that is my understanding of how it might arise.

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