RD in ribcage?

Can you get RD in your diaphragm and rib cage?

I have started with chest pain where your bra goes and pain round my back. And centrally where your diaphragm is. It doesn't feel deep like heart pain and I don't have any other symptoms of that kind.

I know I have it in my collarbone but wonder if you can get it elsewhere as I'm feeling a bit worried now. I do see the consultant this week

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  • Hiya

    I've had the same thing happen to me. I'm see my specialist nurse tomorrow and I will ask her what she thinks and let you know.


  • I get the same. Don't know answer to question though.

  • I get the same they called mind costochondritis, awful pain and I got steroids for it. Worth getting checked out xx

  • If it hurts around your ribs as you expand/contract your rib cage then most likely is costochronditis - inflammation of the cartilage between your ribs. Very uncomfortable!

  • Again, it sounds like it could be costochondritis, painful. If your Rheumy checks it out & thinks it is he may offer an anti-inflammatory or pain relief but it it's particularly bad a steroid injection may be required. That eased my h's for a while. More info about costochondritis here patient.info/health/costoch...

  • I agree with all the other repliers - may well be RA/chondritis, but please get it checked , don't assume its not 'heart pain' , - angina can masquerade as other things, its not always 'classic' as friend of ours found out recently

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