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Fed up !


Hi. I've got RA. diagnosed 8 years ago. I'm on enbrel now since March this year but I think it may have stopped working as it should . my shoulders have started to become really stiff and painful, my right knee is swelling and I've now got a painful ganglion on my left wrist along with the usual pain and swelling of ra. I'm also left handed. think a trip to my bio nurse is in order :(

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Ive been on Enbrel since February and having problems too. My wrists & hands hurt ( especially the left and I'm left handed too) so much so that I can't open bottles or jars or lift things, my shoulders are bad with the right being extremely painful but I know that I need surgery on that at some stage. Saw my rheumatologist yesterday who gave me a steroid injection and also suggested I add in MTX to see if that helps. I'm on my second biologic as Humira failed. I think stress is an enormous factor as we have had a terrible year - six deaths including my Mum, my husbands sister and his step father. It's just been terrible and I'm sure that all this hasn't helped. Anyway, hope you can get some relief from all the pain. I'm hoping that the steroid will work quickly( the pain and stiffness is a little better this morning but I'm putting off the MTX until after the weekend as I'm going out for dinner and want to have a drink ( we spend a lot of time in Saudi Arabia so I'm really looking forward to having a glass of something nice and don't want to worry about my liver, lol!!!!)

Hope you can get some relief from your pain soon. Clemmie

Hey I know that feeling only 2 well!! Enbrel stopped working for me too, but it took the hospital 4 long painful months to switch my biologic. I am currently waiting to switch to cimzia but I am at the end of my tether. I can't wash up, do simple chores, take a shower without pain and it's all too much I think I am getting depressed cow I have been so 'useless' for so long now. Dependent on my other half for most things,,,,, he is great but so much pressure on him too.....

I had to switch from Enbrel after 2 1/2 years. They swapped me to Humira which worked for 4 1/2 years. I'm now on tocilizumab, which has been working for about 18 months.

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