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Hya, was really looking forward to seeing my Rheumatologist last week, was hoping to get started on the Enberel (think that is what it's called) but unfortunately it got cancelled on the day. I only got diagnosed with RA last July and have been on methotrexate tablets then injections since then, then they added hydroxychloroquine. Now I'm getting taken of the hydroxy and on to the Enberel,s staying on the methotrexate. But I see on here that some people have to wait years to go on it, does that mean that my RA must be aggressive, as I read that they usually try lots of different drugs before they put you on the bilogics. XX

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  • One reason could that the meds you are taking are not working as they should and you need something other than DMARDs, which in fact do not work for 30%. Good luck with Embrel many have found it a very good med, with less side effects than DMARDs.

  • Hi I'm on Benepali and mtx, I was on sulfazalasine and hydrocloroqine for the last couple off years but they weren't doing anything for my RA ,they maybe want to be aggressive early to halt the disease damaging your joints hope y get on ok xxx

  • Hiya Ann. Sorry your appointment was cancelled. Oddly enough when we first came back my first choice was your Rheumy & my appointment at the same place was cancelled (I think I may have told you this before thinking about it!). I hope you don't have to wait too long to be seen again.

    I don't know a lot about anti-TNF's/Biologics but I do know if you've tried at least 2 DMARDs, one being MTX & your DAS score is 5.1 or above on two occasions a month apart then you're on the way to starting, what seems to be in your case an anti-TNF, Enbrel (etanercept). This explains in more detail

  • From what I understand the NICE guidelines say you need to try 3 dmards before a biologic is suggested and you will need to be accepted for funding as it's quite expensive.

  • Generally a biologic is suggested when the first line of treatment ie Methotrexate, Hydroxychlorine, Sulphasalazine or similar combination just isn't damping down the disease sufficiently to get it under control. Biologics can be very effective so if you meet the criteria and are being offered Enbrel it's worth a try. It might well be that those people waiting a long time have their disease reasonably controlled by the first line treatment.

  • Thanks everyone, i think that my RA isnt under control. ( pain lets me know that. Lol) when i saw a rheumatologist a few months ago, he said " have they not tried you on A,B orD" before i could say anything he said " oh no i can see here in your notes" we are putting you on Bilogics. and my Rheumy nurse says that i tick all the boxes for it. but after them saying this a few months ago, im still waiting. Hopefully will hear word soon. xx

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