So hubby brought me a present in the form of the gift of life..... or should I say lives!!!! millions of snot, cough, and general bleurgh inducing invading viral bugs!!! the bloody cold virus!!!!

This is the third time in three months I've had to stop meds cause it's gone to my chest and it ain't pretty

I bloody give up!!! ra sucks!!! AND it was my week off

Anyway rant over I'm still alive and gonna deck the halls to dazzle my little dear uninvited life forms with some crimbo cheer

Hope you're all well and if you see my hubby feel free to lynch him

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  • Your hubby is in the queue! My blessed other half allowed me to think that he had the flu. He was really bad, temp of 38 plus, shivering but no cough or sneezes. Turned out he had a really bad urinary tract infection and was hospitalised for 4 days. I told his Dr I was going to kill.

    Enjoy putting up the decorations.


  • Absolutely typical. As well as looking after yourself you have to look after the husband as well. But I must say he is excellent when I have a flare up and won't let me do anything.


  • Caring and Sharing from hubby you do not need.

    Enjoy putting up your decorations.

  • I am in the process of decorating the inside of the house and boy it is harder this year than it has been in the past.xxxxx

  • Slow and steady, young lady. We know your ability to go full hog.


  • I have just sat down after putting a few baubles on the tree and yes i mean a few.xxxx

  • I've bought battery T-lights with glittery bases, bunged them in bunches of plastic Holly all over the ground floor ....took 10 minutes & looks far better (even unlit during the day) than usual when I used to spend ages fiddling with tinsel etc!

    Lazy? Moi? Nevair!


  • Don't forget, your Hubby didn't cook the bugs in his kitchen just for you. I'm sure he's kind enough to have shared them with others as well. Hope you all recover very quickly!

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