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Cause I'm happy!!


Well talk about good things come together.

I spent last week vomiting because of new diabetic drugs but then doc says ok take a week off..... so

Went to newcastle Christmas shopping with an RA buddy ( we know each other's pace!) stayed out very late and my sons nightclub!!!

My son and his girlfriend next day got engaged !!! I'm so so pleased they are so happy! Wedding sooner rather than later!!!!

Then my cousin who I'm very close to had her first baby , a beautiful girl I met yesterday!

Then my friends daughter delivered a little boy !

What a lovely lovely week it's been!!!

Started back on new diabetic drug and only sick once lol!!! 😂

Life is good you know!

The photo is kids looking into Fenwicks Xmas window, I just thought they looked amazing!

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Allanah Hi,

What a lovely week new babies, a wedding and no vomiting. So pleased for you, enjoy. Your post brought back a memory.

I remember when i was a little girl, many moons ago, an older lady selling violets and snowdrops outside Fenwicks. She must of been frozen with the NE wind blowing.

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Aw lovely memory ! X

Congratulations on all accounts darling.xxxxxx

What a lovely picture allanah of the kids at the window,so looking forward to Xmas.

And what a lovely week for you with so many wonderful things happening to those close to you,and indeed for you with the vomitting stopping.

Yes life can be good sometimes.

Take care



Christmas come early then! How lovely. xxx

So pleased you've had a lovely week,wedding outfit on the cards,just ask us ra lot if you need any fashion tips,considering we seem to spend most of the time in our dressing gowns,ha ha.x

I know I'd love nice shoes ! But it's gonna be comfy all the way!


Congratulations! Lots of lovely news. Squishy babies and a wedding to come. 🙂 P.s. Now that song is stuck in my head, darn you!! Hehe X

A good week to buy a Lotto Ticket.Matt

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Bought one! Was only in Glasgow overnight whilst the kids announced tonthe family! Will catch you soon and hope you are ok xx

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It's poor Frans turn She has had shingles all over her body and the pain to go with it she cannot take anything stronger than Paracetamol. Takes two of us too open a tin off Soup where's the WVRS when you need them.Hee-Hee

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Derby and Jones here we come llol xx

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