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Why does the outside of my foot feel sore?

Hello you wonderfully knowledgeable helpful folk.

3 years into RD and one of the lucky ones in remission on sulphasalazine and hydroxychloraquine. I was given insoles for fallen arches early on after pain on balls of feet. I now have a new pain on outside of foot half way from top and bottom along. While I ponder on best way to get a diagnosis I am wondering if any of you have any idea what it might be?

Thank you

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Hi there people with RA often suffer with problems with their feet take a look at our article on foot health from our website to explain why in more detail: .

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I also have problematic feet & think I recognise your description. Thing is the cause could be different from mine because from what I've gathered from my Podiatrist one problem can start off another so yours may be different to mine. Not helpful I know but if you have or can get access to Podietry then do mention it, it could be something as simple as your insole needs adjustment (if that's possible) or disease activity is affecting your joints, in which case your Rheumy may suggest an amendment to your meds.

Aren't painful feet the the pits?!

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Hey, may be because of the soles you are having foot pain, I think you should use this type of soles, , which would be good for your feet, and it can prevent knee, and feet pain too. If it still persists, you could consult a doctor. My father had a similar issues, and he had used these soles.


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