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Cold sore/shingles on foot

Hi. I have a small cluster of cold sore type blisters come up on my foot. I don't know if its a cold sore or shingles. What should I do? I am on methotrexate. Should I contact the doc? Or not worry about it?

Sally x

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Yes they do say if you develop anything like this you should get it checked


Hi Nildesperandum,

If this is unusual for you then you should check with your GP. Always best to be on the safe side.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

PS I hope it isn't shingles

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If it might be shingles you need to se the GP as quickly as possible. They can give anti- viral drugs which really make a difference, but only in the first few days of the attack.

Hope it is OK.



I do not think you can get cold sores on your feet. I could be wrong but I never heard of this.

Yes, definitely go right away and get it checked out. Keep us posted as to what your doctor says.


First off, take good photos, then make an appointment with your doctor. Reason for the photos is because this kind of thing can often disappear or change before you get to the doctor, so its good to have evidence of it. I've had something that just looked like mild exzema by the time I got to the doctor, but photos taken earlier showed it to be something completely different.


Hi everyone. Thanks for your advice. I did see the gp who said it was a form of eczema. So that was a relief. Very similar to a shingles rash though, small cluster of blisters so it was a mistake easily made x


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