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I am struggling with driving at the moment because my knees and ankles are so painful. My employers are very understanding and letting me leave work early to avoid sitting in traffic but my worry now is am I causing damage to my joints by continuing to drive to work. Would the advice be to rest for a few weeks until they get my Meds right. I haven't taken a day off work sick yet since my symptoms first started in January.

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  • Is there anything you can do to make your car more comfortable? Do you drive an automatic or a manual? I couldn't manage a manual and driving an auto is much easier. I'm not sure if your job is do-able from home but under the Equality Act, you should be entitled to reasonable adjustments which may include working from home.

    The other thing is Access to Work; They provide funding and services to people with disabilities who struggle to access work. It can be things like a computer set up, chair or even transport. It's worth phoning them and discussing your case.

    Take care.

  • Thank you. Will certainly look into it. I drive a manual but we are thinking of changing to an automatic.

  • It's a no the piggy bank & get an automatic...I did just that & it was by far the best thing I ever did to help myself......still have it 17 years later & I wouldn't swap it for the world!

    Happy driving!


  • I had the same problem and found switching to an automatic helped enormously. I also found having a car a bit higher up helped with getting in and out when I feel ouchie.

    I had to wave goodbye to my gorgeous manual convertible Beetle (Jeremy) and now have a Nissan Juke (Daisy) which is far more sensible and perfect for me and Mr RA!

  • I get really sore knees when I'm driving and have to drive 25 miles to work. Most of it's motorway driving and I have found that using my cruise control helps loads as I can take my foot off the accelerator and stretch out my leg. I found keeping my knees in the same position for long periods painful, so that helps.

  • Automatic car? It's catch 22, if you don't exercise joints they seize up, got to keep moving.

  • If you having to drive in one position for a length of time, certainly worth finding a more comfortable car to drive. Most of us find that a higher seating position seems to help as does automatic gears.

  • Thank you to everyone for your advice. I think an automatic is going to be a must in the next few months. Thank you again

  • We sold our beloved two manual cars and just kept the sensible automatic. Hubby was struggling to drive the manual cars but can manage the automatic so much easier. That's not to say if he drives far say a couple of hours he pays the price xx

  • It took me being unable to physically depress the clutch for me to give in to an automatic because I really loved the control of a manual car. Slow moving traffic had become a nightmare with balancing the clutch keeping the revs up, my foot & knee just weren't compliant. Now I have everything automatic, lights, windscreen washers, mirrors, seat adjustment... decided I've become a lazy driver lol! Honestly though it's made driving a pleasure again & not a pain. I've got independence to go where & when I want, we're on our second & wouldn't go back now. If you're in a position to do so do consider changing, or try one out if you've a friend or relative who has one, or even at a car salesroom. Hey, there are even cars that park themselves now! :o

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