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Advice please

Hi everyone I am still in lots pain with ra in my ribs hands wrist shoulders neck I really want to go back to Work next week as I been off 4 weeks and worrying financially as well as everything else. I am on 8 methotrexate a week which aren't doing nothing and also been given sulfasalazine to add in as well which I cannot take as it says don't take if allergic to aspirin.even my mouth feels sore well my gums more .i have rang my specialist Secetary three times last week and yesterday being told o will get a phone call and I never do any ideas who I contact now? Thanks

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With me they added in hydroxychlorquinn and it helped me no end. Hugs from me.xxxxxx


I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling great atm. To be honest, I had 6 months off at the beginning 😕My work paid full-pay for that time though so I consider myself lucky.

Maybe you could ask for a steroid injection (not that they did me any good but they're great for many others) or a course of prednisolone (steroid tablets) to help you until the mtx kicks in. I rang the clinical nurse at the hospital loads and visited my gp many times at the start; they are there to help you. Your gp should write a sick-note for you- they did for me: a month at a time! Wishing you well x


Thanks I've had the tablets and injections they just made me put on so much weight 4 stone which is another issue thanks for advice I only get sap so it's not good I just want go back to work and have normal life I had thyroid cancer when I was 29 and I could see the outcome with it I can't with this or I'm just being hasty thanks again x


Hang on in there....I think the main thing is to try and stay positive and keep badgering your health team. Have you spoken to occupational health at work?

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I think I'm positive then something happens and I feel awful again I have put on a lot weight with we don't have that at work we only a small company thanks

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I'm home on and off and more home then work but I take sulfasalzine, cimzia, celebrex and tremedol but I too feel sometimes it may be working but like today my back hurts a while whole lot and hands. I some times lose hope. Hope you find releif soon.


Babybaps 44 ,

I was diagnosed with RA and PA over 10 years now . I have been on all that you are on . They did not help me . I cannot take any of those meds . The So called " Oldies but Goodies " .

Have you tried to contact R.A. Association ?

My Immunologist had to fight for me to be put on Humira and Otezla .

Sounds like you should try to see a different Doctor for your RA .

I am not able to work Full time anymore due to my flare ups .

The Nurse Admin. From Humira helped me quite a lot with my medication .

Try to See another Doctor . Hope You feel better Soon


Thanks for your advice I just feel sick with headaches all the time thanks


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