So I went for appointment with my Consultant last week to be told I am in Remission... and had also had a bad bout of Flu so had to stop Methotrexate and Benepali Injections for 3 weeks.... Just had a call from my GP and my ESR Levels have gone up from 14 to 38 and my Platelet count is high...So much for Remission ......

The first time I stop meds everything goes pear shaped.... So I guess I am only in Remission when taking the drugs...Was so hoping to have a break from all the meds!


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  • Well at least it shows the Mtx is working ! Good news I think , get well soon x

  • Thanks Allanah x

  • Same as me, chemically controlled remission..... absolutely fine when I take the drugs and complete rubbish if I try to reduce them. But, at least they work!

  • Same here 'drug induced remission' is what it says on my notes.

    My MXT keeps gradually creeping up - it's at 22.5 mg now so not much more room for increase 😮

  • I suppose so..... would prefer not to take them all though!

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