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Hi I'm Tina and only recently diagnosed seronegative in May. Currently on methotrexate injections and hydroxychloroquine. Had a great summer nearly pain free and even managed to get back to the gym for gentle exercise. However since my steroid injection has worn off my pain has returned. So glad I found this site it's comforting to know there are so many people who can offer kind words and advice.

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  • Welcome! But sorry also that you need to join us all here.

    When you read the posts here, remember that most of us post when we are having problems - so you will get a false impression of how people are managing. Most of us are trundling along, not fantastic, but coping OK on our medication most of the time with only occasional ups and down. You sound as if you fall into this group too, so will mainly lurk!

  • I am a year along in the RA venture and have determined that new mess work for a good bit then they don't and your practitioner will have to juggle doses and different meds. It seems that most people have hills and valleys but hopefully you will have mostly hills. Read lots ask questions and hang in there. God bless!

  • Meant to say meds not mess. Lol. Typing on a phone. Lol

  • Hello Tina, you seem to have a positive attitude which is half the battle won already. RA/RD is not something you'd wish to have but it is possible to live a good live with it. We're always here to listen. You're never alone. Hugs.

  • Welcome to one of the most positive groups will ever meet. As oldtimer said, sometimes we only post when things are at their worst, but when you DO post you will find the support you are looking for.

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