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Ok, well I have been taken off new meds as my blood pressure is sky high. I have been given a steroid injection with another to follow on Tuesday. I have to have various blood test and a chest x ray. Then I will be examined again as my inflammatory markers are very high. The Dr said I will qualify for Biological treatment which is given as an infusion. This will cost £15,000 a year and there are strict guidelines before they can offer it. I have been told that I will have no problem. He checked my hands and said they were not good. Also pressed them and I had to say what the pain was like on a scale of 1-10. I said 6-7. The steroid injection is to give me some relief. Normally you would only receive one but because mine is so bad I am being given 2. Feel relieved that at last something is being done as I was getting very very low x

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Good they will help a bit in the short term until you start the Biologics which make a big difference , I've been on them 2 months and they've almost taken my pain away but at the moment I'm suffering a lot off fatigue but I can handle that I've got RA and OA

that happened to me i went on cimzia biological didnt work for me only had two injections my blood pressure went sky high my doc stopped it also got visual disturbances i think that was from the mtx not taking med till eyes are sorted just taking pain relief hope u get sorted soon xx

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