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Hi peeps,

I'm just back from the hospital, having just applied for anti tnfs/ biologics. I was offered a choice of four: Etanercept (a biosimilar), Adalimumab, Certolizumab pegol or Golimumab.

Initially, I was shown a sideshow of anti tnfs in general, then shown the injection dummies and told how often they're administered. After that it was down to me: a daunting task!

I went for Certolizumab pegol. My decision was swayed by the clinical nurse telling me that it is especially good for hands and mine are always so swollen and sore (along with the rest of body) and it's administered every 2 weeks which seems better than less often or weekly.

After my choosing this out of the four, the nurse said it was the best choice in her opinion.

Just have to wait now for the funding to be agreed. I left after having a steroid jab- these haven't worked before for me but I have had too many courses of prednisolone recently.

Has anyone had any experience of Certolizumab pegol?

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  • None whatsoever! It sounds quite exotic! Just wanted to wish you well, great that you chose a drug that might be particularly good for your hands. Good luck!

  • Thank you postle2 - hoping it all comes through, and soon!

  • Wow you had a choice from a whole menu of main courses and a steroid starter?, where did you say this clinic is? because i need to change!

  • HI Leonwp, it did seem a bit like that! I thought she'd narrow down my choices-but no! As my blood test re having antibodies to Hepatitis and TB, no history of cancer or bad chest infections I had the choice of them all! One thing which did sway my choice, however, was that for one of them she made a reference to mice!

    My clinic is is Essex....and no jokes about Essex girls please! 😃

  • Wouldnt dream of it, well i was clear of everything also and didnt get the choices but im type 2 diabetic so that may narrow it down. It sounds like you are getting good treatment and early intervention, i really hope it works well for you pal. Keep us informed of your progress, its really important you do that for all the people coming along behind you. So pleased that your here and sharing your positive news.

  • I'm about to start biologics in a couple of weeks time. I'm pinning so much hope on this medication! Keep us updated with how you are getting on. Keeping my fingers crossed it works for you!

  • Hi Mhairi54, that's great news for you! How long did it take between application for funding and it coming through? Which biologic are you having? And, thanks for your wishes- same to you 🙂

  • Had my appointment back at the start of October where it was decided that I should be started on it so not having to wait too long. I have ankylosing spondylitis rather than RA so has affected my rib cage, knees and lumbar spine rather than the smaller joints in my hands etc. To have this pain in your hands must be horrendous. Have only been on NSAIDS up till now. Research has shown that Biologics are more effective in treating AS than DMARDs so time will tell I guess. Really need to get rid of this pain in my chest. It really gets me down some days. Determined I'm going to be a new woman in the new year!! Hope all goes well for you. x

  • I have RA throughout my body- in all joints so I'm hoping it works for me too 🤔

  • Hello Moomin, This drug is usually known as CIMZIA and for me it worked wonders. I was on MTX and Sulfasalazine which helped to a certain extent. But CIMZIA was the drug that enabled me to get control back over my live. After just a couple of months I was able to start an exercise program to strengthen my body and I'm still doing this regularly. I have been in remission for nearly three years now and am reducing Sulfasalazine hopefully down to nothing soon. I just hope that Certolizumab pegol will have the same positive effect for you. Just ignore the bit about side effects in the leaflet. I never experienced any probably by doing just that. Even water can have side effects! Please keep us posted and all the very very best.

  • Hi stbernard, that is great to hear- thank you. How long did you have to wait for biologics after starting on Mtx and sulfasalazine? Do you still have mtx? I have 20mg mtx via a metoject pen weekly and 800mg sulfasalazine daily.

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