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can I have info on people with sero negative arthritis for my consultant meeting

who has been diagnosed with sero-negative arthritis for 1-4 years ?it is important only sero negative/ with or without fibromyalgia contact me

I need a feel for who has recieved biologic/ anti tnfs drugs. how they got them and what they tried first. need hard facts only !this is my information./ personal use only.

also which health authority treats you thank you


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I'ts me

3 years Sero-neg

2 years Fibromyalgia 75mg Amytriptaline nt

6 months Sulphasalazine stopped changed to

18 months Humira taking part in BRAGGS Survey Manchester Uni. looking at certain genes response to Humira so better to prescribe.

6 months MTX tabs

30 months MTX injections

DR Dunn Warwick Warwickshire Health Authority

Hope that helps



hy summ i am sero neg was diagnosed over 7 years ago with ra and i also have fybro i have had sulvasalazine never helped mxt and folic was coping with them until i reached 7 each sunday then i got every infection you could get within a few months they failed to help any way then i went on hydro something or other cant remember ps i get plenty of brain fogs lol am now on leflunomide on all these treatments nothing seemed or seems to ease anything i was told i would go on anti tnf and then was put on the leflunomide instead after passing the criteria for anti tnf no reason given just my rheumy prefared me on the leflunomide instead i have at least 9 injections for the whole body each year which give me about 5 to 6 weeks of some relief would like to think my story may help summer x


thnak you tricia



Are you on the war path?


yes and no its called gathering contructive info she is of the mins that sero negative dfont get biologics?!


sorry ..don't know if I am neg or positive! How would I find out??


need respondents who know they dont have the positive rheumatoid factor this is shown in blood tests upto 20% or more people lack this blood factor


I presume I am positive as my consultant confirmed it following a review of my bloods (?)

Anyway..good luck!


Hi Alison,

I'm sero-negative but can't have anti-tnf because of other health complications but I know that Ailsa who founded NRAS is sero-negative and has been on multiple anti-tnf's - why don't you e-mail / phone her at NRAS to get some info and support?

Best of luck and will be sending you courage and perseverance on your appt date:-)

Cece x


thanks cece just had last weeks blood results inflammation reading off the scale!!

left message with the reading just they werent budging this morn rang on my behalf


Hi, have sero-negative Ra since Oct 10 with possible fibromyalgia, this was suggested on last appointment.Have been on mth 10mg since April.


I am sero negative too, I will message you more details another day hands bad today, so sorry you feel the need to fight for your meds


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