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Eye problems


Hi guys, went to nurse with third eyr infection in 4months since on methotrexate jabs. Thid time swelling all around socket, streaming eye and really painful forehead above eye and all around cheek.

Upshot is, nurse reffered me to optician, she's had a good look and eyes not infected its all inflammation and coming from the RA!

Anybody else got eye problems like these? ((hugs)) M x

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I have dry eyes and sjorgens thanks to RA, i have had my tear ducts cauterised to stop the tears going through into my throat. My eyes swell a lot and look dark all the time and i always look tired. i have a brilliant optician who will always have time for me if i have any worries about my eyes.xxxxxx

Now that you mention eye problems, yes I do have a problem, not sure if it is RA related or allergy. I get this tickle in my throat that just get stronger so that I have to cough, eyes water so much it's streaming down my face, and the nose fills up and starts running. Once all is said and done after about a minute I am back to normal. This lasted abour 5 months until it was safe to not need the nose spray anymore. I had this last year and doctor said it was allergic rhinitis, prescribed flutiicasone nasal spray and it took care of it This was before I was diagnosed with RA. I was diagnosed 4 months ago with RA and am taking 15 mg of methetrexate once a week, meloxicam and folic acid, RA has been in remission up until yesterday. Now I have this damn throat tickle again and nothing is working on it. I have been dealing with this since June and My doctor prescribed an antibiotic and I took that and nothing worked. Now since yesterday I have come up with a pain in my right hip and left ankle that just got worse as the day went on. I can maneuver if I stay on my feet but once I sit down and get up again I got to go thru the searing pain again till it calms down. I never had pain in those areas before. This was yesterday, of course on a weekend where you can't get hold of your doctor, today is my day to take my methetrxate and hoping for miracle. Now I am wondering if the throat tickle and eyes watering profusly is RA related and not allergy afterall. Sorry so long


Just Sjogrens for me, but that does cause the burning and pain too from the dryness..

I have had problems with my eyes ever since diagnosis and am pretty sure it is not allergy. My eyes get red and sore (burning pain) and itchy, then stream. The whole lid is sore and red. Latest advice from a pharmacist, which seems to help, is to rinse my eyes with mild soap (e.g. baby shampoo) solution twice a day. It does appear to stop a full flare up.

I've had dry eyes way before my diagnosis of RA and at one point suspected Sjogrens. Situation got worse over time. But now since I've regularly taken 200mg Q10 daily ( there is research done on this!) and LDN I have noticed that I need less and less of my eye drops. I have heard from others on LDN that they have the same experience. Really worth trying it has really been a big help to me! LDN does not interfere with any RA meds.

Hi Marie. I have a problem with my left eyelid. It won't open at night or when I am tired, also feels sore. Started shortly after starting mtx. My rheumy doesn't believe it's a side effect, so was referring me to my eye specialist, earlier, I have controlled glaucoma, my next appointment is April. I decided to go to a nearby hospital as they have a walkin eye clinic, my glaucoma is fine, but need further investigation. Couldn't make the 22 nd Nov appointment so they have made it for 13 Dec. I also initially had an eye test at the opticians, my eyesight has improved so picked up new glasses yesterday, hoping they help as well. Just using simple eye ointment.

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Hi, seems there's quite a few of us with eye probs. Although the jury's still out on if it's cause is the disease or the meds! M x

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Yes, I have a few side effects of meds over the years, even though we seem to be predisposed to certain immune problems. I have had Hashimotoes for 38 years the eye doctor was quite interested in any connection with this. Not sure will, have to wait and see. Take care.

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